About the Campaign

The Just Getting By movement began in 2015 when the not-for-profit Michigan Credit Union League looked for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of struggling Americans. The answer became Just Getting By – a feature-length documentary featuring the stories of financial hardship experienced by people across the nation. But as the team quickly discovered, there were too many stories to tell in one film. And the issues at the heart of the conversation – a fundamental lack of financial literacy and a general reluctance to talk about our personal finances – were too widespread to address without taking a more hands-on approach.

63% of Americans can't afford an emergency of up to $1,000


Today, Just Getting By is both a platform to showcase these stories of financial hardship and a resource for consumers to get help. Beginning a conversation about financial hardship allows us to remove the stigma for those that are just getting by and empower them to seek the financial resources they desperately need.

Just Getting By is produced by CU Solutions Group in Livonia, Michigan, in coordination with CUBE TV® Studios.


CU Solutions Group/MCUL Senior Management


From left to right: Ken Ross: MCUL President/COO, Dave Adams: CEO, Drew Egan: COO/CFO


CUBE TV Studios